Naqqash Khalid is a director from Manchester, England. He is presently developing his first feature-length film, and is in post-production on his latest project Stock, a short film commissioned by Sky Arts for broadcast.


  1. Parts, 2016, Run Time: 04:56, (New York, USA)

  2. Stock, 2018, Run Time: 20:17, (Manchester, UK)



The Prelude Tour (2013) - Three Short Plays by Naqqash Khalid 

September 7th - Camden People's Theatre, London, UK

September 9th - Etcetera Theatre , London, UK 

September 13th - Three Minute Theatre, Manchester, UK

September 14th - Three Minute Theatre, Manchester, UK 

September 27th - Salford Arts Theatre, Salford, UK

September 28th - Salford Arts Theatre, Salford, UK

September 29th - The Met, Bury, UK